Services For Buyers

Choosing an Agent


When buying a home, it is essential that you choose an agent who  understands the market, understands your real estate goals, and also connects with you personally. You will be spending a lot of time with your agent! Call Caroline today to see if she is a good fit for you. 

Getting Pre-Approved


A mortgage pre-approval is an essential first step in the home-buying process. In addition to helping you set a realistic budget, with a pre-approval letter, you can actively shop for homes. Caroline  can connect you with reputable lenders who can help you through the process.

Personal Home Buying Strategy


Caroline will sit down with you to talk through your real estate goals so that she can fully understand your budget, your needs, your dreams, and your timeline. Armed with that information, Caroline will help you set up a realistic property search and personalized home buying strategy. 

Finding your Home


Caroline will set you up on a real estate search using the Compass platform and will also be previewing properties on your behalf. She  will arrange both town tours and property tours for you. As you look at homes, Caroline will be there to talk through the property and help you evaluate whether the house is a good fit. 

Offer to Closing


Once you have identified a home, Caroline will work with you to craft an offer that is competitive but also protects you and your family against unnecessary risk. When your offer is accepted, Caroline will work with you through inspection, Purchase & Sale, financing, and  through to closing. She can connect you with home inspectors, attorneys, and any other professionals you need. 

After the Closing



Your relationship with Caroline Staudt does not end at the closing table. Caroline will remain a resource long after the closing whether you are looking for contractors, playgrounds, or restaurants in your new town!